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Rural Fencing & Farm Contractor

Are you in need of professional rural and farm fencing solutions in Taupo, Rotorua, or Whakatane? Look no further! With years of experience, our dedicated fencing contractor team has been providing top-quality fencing services to satisfied clients in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

Our Range of Rural Fencing Services:

  • Post and Rail Fences: Enhance the aesthetics and security of your property with our durable and stylish post and rail fences.
  • Wire and Batten Fences: Keep your livestock safe and secure with our reliable wire and batten fences.
  • Electric Fences: Opt for our state-of-the-art electric fences for superior control and protection of your farmland.
  • Stock Yard Fencing: Efficiently manage your livestock with our expertly designed stock yard fencing.
  • Netting: Protect your crops and property with our effective netting solutions.
  • Deer Fencing: Safeguard your farm from deer damage using our specialized deer fencing.
  • Horse Fencing: Ensure the safety and comfort of your horses with our premium horse fencing options.
  • Boundary Fencing: Define and secure your property boundaries with our sturdy boundary fencing solutions.
  • Waterway Fencing: Comply with environmental regulations and protect waterways using our reliable waterway fencing.

When it comes to rural fencing, we are your trusted local experts, catering to Taupo, Rotorua, and Whakatane areas. Contact us now to discuss your fencing needs and benefit from our unparalleled expertise and friendly customer service.

At Specialist Rural Services, we take pride in our ability to work on various terrains, from hilly farmlands to narrow driveways. With extensive experience and a range of professional equipment, we guarantee the job will be done efficiently and effectively, regardless of its size.

Key Features of Our Fencing Repairs & Maintenance Services:

Prompt Fencing Repairs: Need fencing repairs to secure your property and keep your stock from escaping? We can quickly repair most types of fences or discuss suitable alternatives for your needs.

Preventative Maintenance: Regular fence checks and maintenance play a crucial role in preventing damages and urgent repairs. Our team can inspect and make necessary adjustments along the fence line to ensure its durability.

Farm Boundary Fencing:

Compliant with NZ Fencing Act: Our rural fencing adheres to the NZ Fencing Act, using appropriate fencing types and specifications as required by the Act, including 7 or 8 wire fences, 9 or 10 wire fences, prefabricated (netting fence), and live fencing.

Reliable & Compliant Solutions: We guarantee reliable and compliant farm boundary fencing that meets industry standards and keeps your property secure.

For all your fencing needs, don’t hesitate to contact Scott and the team at Specialist Rural Services. Our expertise extends across the wider Bay of Plenty region, including Taupo, Rotorua, and Whakatane.

Whether it’s fencing repairs, regular maintenance, or farm boundary fencing, our experienced team and specialized equipment are ready to deliver reliable and timely solutions. Ensure the safety and security of your property with our expert fencing services. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.

Whatever your fencing needs contact Scott and the team at Specialist Rural Services.
We are available across the wider Bay of Plenty region including Taupo, Rotorua and Whakatane.