Specialist Rural Services

Cutting Farm Tracks & Bulldozing

A well designed and constructed farm track is vital to the smooth operations on the farm.
We have been constructing farm tracks for years on farms across the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. Our services are available across the wider Bay of Plenty region including Taupo, Rotorua and Whakatane.

A track not done properly will cause problems and ultimately more time and money to fix. Inadequate layering and compacting will lead to potholes, and as a result an uncomfortable, un-safe surface for your stock to walk on.

Specialist Rural Services have the equipment for the whole track building process with the end result being a well-drained track with a great surface layer.

Our race construction process involves:

  • Removing all grass and topsoil from the planned race area
  • Constructing a base using strong foundation material, we will work with you to decide what material is best.
  • Mechanically compacting layers
  • Providing a suitable top layer walking surface that will be safe, comfortable and durable
  • Crown the race
  • Construct a drainage system for the track
  • Track fencing to keep stock out of the drain
Specialist Rural Services

Farm Track & Race Repairs

If your current race is looking worse for wear or needs urgent repairs contact the team at Specialist Rural Services. First, we will come to your farm and take a look at the race and discuss a plan with you. Second, we will finalise your project. Third, our team will work on the repairs. Rest assured we work hard to ensure the track is in working order with no downtime.

We understand the importance of good quality tracks around the farm and the need for them to be in the best working order.

SRS work with high quality materials and equipment when constructing farm tracks.

Contact us to talk about our Farm Track and Bulldozing services.