Specialist Rural Services

Clearing Fence Lines

Specialist Rural Services can clear and prepare your fence lines thoroughly and efficiently using the best equipment. Whether you need to cut back on trees, hedges and other growth that is starting to cover your fence, bulldozing fence lines for new fencing or removing old fencing and replacing. We can do the ground work to prepare the land for your fencing project.

Specialist Rural Services are available in the wider Bay of Plenty region including Taupo, Rotorua and Whakatane.

The duration and complexity of the fence clearing project depends on a number of factors. Rest assured we have experienced all of the different variations before and have the best fencing equipment to get your fencing project completed on time with high quality results.

Our fence line clearing includes:

  • Bulldozing fence lines – needed on steep terrain, we will bulldoze the entire fence line in preparation for the fencing
  • Flattening fence lines – often needed on rolling terrain, we will use our tractor and bulldozer to flatten the fence line in preparation for the fence

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New fencing

We clear fence lines in preparation for new fences on your farm or lifestyle property. If you are planning a new fence and need some help with the planning (including the best location for your fence), clearing the fence line or fence design and construction we can help.

Our specialised equipment makes easy work out of complex fence line jobs. From high, hilly terrain to roadside and boundary fences. Thorough land preparation is key to construction high quality, durable fences, without the correct preparation and fence line clearing the fence won’t be built on good foundations which will result in substandard fences.

When you work with us, we ensure every stage of the project is completed to a high standard and these results can be seen in our durable and high-quality fencing projects.

Replacing existing fencing

We can remove your old fencing, detach wires, cut old wires and dispose of them correctly, leaving to rubbish behind. We will also remove old fence posts and ensure they are disposed of as well.

Clearing the fence line may involve removing scrub, bush or grass or moving earth and rubble. Leave it to us, we will complete the job to a high standard.

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